Everything you need to know about five common types of fireworks

Fireworks are a great way to have fun during special holidays and celebrations. Everyone loves to light a good firecracker and show off firecrackers; however, not many people know much about it. For this reason, many people are confused about which type to choose when shopping for fireworks. Here you will experience the five most famous Hochzeitsfeuerwerk displays.

They are thin sticks that you hold in your hand while the tip burns and flickers. Morning Glory and Metal Rod are the two varieties. Generally, morning glory has three phases: the first stage lasts about 20 seconds and has a red flame; the second phase consists of about 20 seconds of crackling; and the final stage is another 20 seconds with a blue or white flame. Metal rods, on the other hand, have only one phase that produces a spark of gold or silver. They are pretty cheap, at less than a dollar per pack.

 Roman candle 
The Roman candles were fired one by one from the tube. Designs can be as simple as a colored star, or more complex elements can flash, crackle, explode, or even hiss. Furthermore, the larger the diameter of the tube, the greater the effect. Some Roman candles can even achieve a small aerial effect.
When you spin a wheel, it will rotate around its center, and you will hear sparks, squeaks, and clicks all at once. The wheels spin very fast, so you will see the amazing visual effect of a ring of fire. In addition, the wheel must be fixed to the vertical support for the wheel to function properly.
Aerial shell 
For this setup to work, you’ll need a charger. This set usually contains one or two tubes and a case. The number of cases varies depending on the type of kit you buy, but it can range from six to one hundred cases. The way the aerial projectile works is to ignite it and propel it into the air. Once in the air, the shell will break open and show amazing patterns of color and light. The visual effects are amazing! This is why aerial shells are so popular. As for the cost of this type of fireworks, it will depend on the size of the set and the number of shells. A very simple one with a small amount of shells will cost about $8 to $15; a medium-sized set can cost about $30; and a larger one can cost up to $200.
This type of device is small and often resembles cars, trucks, animals, tanks, etc. They don’t do much and have no effect other than moving on the ground. However, they are very popular with children because, in addition to looking fun, they can also be used as toys when they are shut down.
Next time you go shopping for fireworks, you’ll know exactly what you’re going to get.

What is the best plastic tube for aerial fireworks?

Arial cannons are one of the most popular items in the consumer industry. Not only are they brilliant and fun to watch, but many are also loaded with pyrotechnic compounds that give first-time users a professional feel. Fireworks hobbyists may find that after a few seasons, prepackaged fireworks, including single-use boxes and mortars, can get boring—there I was, done! And these supposedly “reusable” cardboard tubes are only good for a few photos. At this point in the game, many fireworks enthusiasts are beginning to try their hand at some of the more professional skills, such as making mortar tubes. The main advantage of custom mortar tubes is that they can be reused many times and can be sized to meet the needs of the pyrotechnician. The first step in making grout pipes at home is to look for high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes. For safety reasons, this is the only plastic tube ever used for Ideen für das Firmenjubiläum. Although the look and feel may be similar, it cannot be overstated that other types of plastic pipes, such as ABS and PVC, are never used to make mortar pipes. Although ABS or PVC pipes seem thick and durable, the inherent integrity of plastic is much more fragile and cannot withstand the force of a large explosion. This means that a damaged firework trapped in the tube can explode (also known as a “flowerpot”), shattering the tube into sharp shrapnel that can injure or kill people. to watch. Steel pipes for mortars pose similar dangers. However, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tubing is not as brittle as other polyethylene pipes because it is made from a flexible polymer specifically designed to withstand higher pressures, impacts, and temperatures. Although the tube feels very strong, the stronger intermolecular forces and tensile strength of HDPE cause the pipe to bend or deform under pressure and not explode into millions of pieces. For the safety of the public, pyrotechnic technicians, and innocent bystanders, HDPE pipes are the only reasonable choice in fireworks tubes.

One of the biggest downsides to making your own plastic pipes is that HDPE pipes can be a little hard to find and are often not available at your local home improvement or plumbing shop. However, it is sometimes cached; this can be discovered by calling ahead and speaking with a store employee who is familiar with various types of plastic pipes. The specific type of HDPE pipe suitable for consumer-grade grout pipes is size DR-11. The DR-11 has an inside diameter (not including wall width) of exactly 1 7/8″. A smaller tube will prevent reloading, and a larger tube will create misfires or fire. low to allow lift gas to escape.

In summary, HDPE is the safest choice when making a launch tube for Ariel fireworks. Although ABS and PVC pipes are easier to find and less expensive, don’t risk personal injury by incorporating them into a fireworks display. HDPE is the only solution.

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